Marta Correia holds her PhD, 2012, in Biomedicine at Universidade do Porto, and Innovation Therapeutique in Université Paris-Sud. She holds a Master in Clinical Nutrition, 2006, at Universidade de Lisboa, faculty of Medicine and a Nutritional Sciences degree in Universidade do Porto, 2001. Her research is mainly focused in unravelling the effects of nutrients and bioactive compounds in cancer and inflammation models, accumulating experience in in vitro models, in vivo models and clinical studies. Marta Correia has worked in studies aiming to assess the nutritional risk and the nutritional status and to assess cancer cachexia in gastrointestinal cancer patients. One of the bioactive compounds of interest is the effect of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on the tumoral process and inflammation in a gastric cancer model focused on pathogenic bacteria growth of Helicobacter pylori. She is also interested in investigating the crosstalk between whole plant-based diets, microbiota and its implication in gut inflammation and cancer. Currently she holds an ongoing scientific employment contract awarded in the Individual Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus (ESB-UCP and CBQF).