Acta Portuguesa de Nutrição is a scientific and professional Journal, owned by Associação Portuguesa dos Nutricionistas – APN (Portuguese Association of Nutritionists). The aim of this Journal is to disseminate research or review work in Nutrition Sciences areas as well as professional articles related to the professional practice of Nutritionist. This Journal continues the work launched in 2001 by APN in Nutrícias Journal.

It has a quarterly periodicity with a paper edition (April-June) and the other issues are only available in digital format. It is distributed free of charge to APN members, health and nutrition institutions and food enterprises.

To be accepted for publication the articles should be according these criteria:

  • Presentation of a current and original scientific study or a bibliographic review of a topic related to food and nutrition; presentation of a clinical case; or a professional article with description and discussion relevant issues for Nutritionist professional activity.
  • Articles should be written in Portuguese (with Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement of 1990) or in English.

The process of submitting and publishing articles in Acta Portuguesa de Nutrição is totally free.

All contents of the Acta Portuguesa de Nutrição are governed by the license Creative Commons Attribution License (license: cc-by-nc).

The articles must be submitted in website of Acta Portuguesa de Nutrição (link).

Acta Portuguesa de Nutrição is available free of charge to:

  • Health Regional Administrations
  • Scientific and Professional Associations in Health Area
  • Members of Associação Portuguesa dos Nutricionistas
  • City Councils
  • Health Centers
  • Education Regional Directorates
  • Food Service Enterprises
  • Hospitals
  • Food Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Institutions of Higher Education in the Health Area
  • Parish Councils
  • Ministries
  • Portuguese Misericórdias